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Tools to Enhance Systems Thinking

Tools for Enhancing Systems Thinking Practices

Make sure you understand the basic idea of each practice.  If a particular practice is relevant but underused in your organization, individuals can use Table2 found under Findings to help identify whether that particular practice may be related to individual MBTI preferences.  If so, this may signify more of a need to raise awareness first as opposed to immediately ordering another training. 

For example, individuals with a stronger MBTI preference for S, J or both may refer to the Table as a guide to deciding which systems thinking practices may be less comfortable for them. So, if one has a J preference, Practice 2, 3, 4 etc. may signify practices they might wish to focus on first. We have provided an example of some suggestions of how to enhance this awareness and use it for 2 of the 17 practices.o Enhance Systems Thinking Practices.  We suggest working on no more than one or two practices at a time. 

To use the attached Table, (click on download above) review the definition of the practice in the middle column and then think of how the suggested tools provided in the last column can be incorporated, the next time your group is faced with a complex issue.  Individuals working on building their systems thinking competencies are encouraged to self-reflect and seek feedback from others as to how effectively they are able to engage in the particular systems thinking practice, and how that impacts results. We have found a focused approach such as this can have a significant impact on comfort with systems thinking practices and development of new insights, which increases the perceived value of the systems thinking approach.