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A questionnaire was developed to assess a respondent’s preference for using any of the 17 systems thinking practices listed. Participants were asked to consider a brief scenario of a complex problem, and answer 17 questions, each representing one of the systems thinking practices. 
Imagine that you are on a citizen panel working on solutions to decrease crime in your hometown.  You are given a great deal of data and requested to propose solutions.  Think about how you would naturally want to process information and approach the issues.

Study volunteers were asked to choose the one answer that best fit with their preferred approach to learn and understand more information, given the scenario.

Respondents also provided their MBTI type.  If participants were uncertain of their current MBTI type, they were able to take a validated online MBTI assessment at no charge.  

Thank you to Consulting Psychologists Press (CPP) for their grant assistance with this project.